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WinPatrol 35.5.2017.8

    WinPatrol 35.5.2017.8

    WinPatrol 35.5.2017.8 is designed to clean and prevent spyware, worms, adware, cookies and other forms of malicious software from harming or slowing down computers. Renowned for its efficiency while remaining lightweight and clutter free; especially recommended for newly purchased or refurbished PCs this security tool was one of the first behavioral scanning security products designed specifically to identify infiltration attempts or Zero Day attacks and stop them in their tracks.

    WinPatrol 35.5.2017.8 makes monitoring critical system resources simple by simplifying registry access and constantly refreshing its list of running programs, offering users with an effortless means to monitor critical system resources in real-time. While some features might appear straightforward, other may pose more difficulty: for example Cookies, Hidden Files and File Type tabs were intended only for advanced users.

    Help tab is there nonetheless to guide users through its inner workings of this antispyware tool.

    Computer users these days require what seems like a team of security applications in order to protect their personal information, online activities and hard disk contents – particularly WinPatrol which sometimes forms part of this security equation but should never stand alone as its solution.

    This small utility helps protect you against malicious files, hijacking attempts and hidden system configuration attempts by keeping an eye on all your data at all times.

    Install and navigate with tabbed user interface with ease

    Setup doesn’t take too much time and doesn’t contain any surprises that might compromise user privacy – such as offers to change web browser settings or download additional products you don’t really require.

    At first glance, the interface appears complex; but once familiarized, all its functions become clear and easily manageable. Each tab offers specific configuration options to simplify use for power users as well as novice ones alike. Consequently, both novices and experts alike will quickly become adept in operating it efficiently.

    Manage and defer startup items for optimal system performance

    WinPatrol makes dealing with startup programs much simpler. Not only can you see all the processes running every time your PC boots up, but you can even set delayed starts to ensure an orderly process of booting the operating system takes place.

    Additionally, using the dedicated tab you can easily monitor active tasks and gather pertinent details regarding them such as file size, module usage and company descriptions.

    View your scheduled tasks and manage web browser leftovers

    WinPatrol plays an invaluable role in protecting against malicious files by providing easy management of Internet Explorer or Firefox cookies with just one click, as well as accessing hidden items – which spyware often attempts to do as soon as it arrives on a computer system.

    Last but not least, Windows Task Scheduler allows users to see all tasks currently scheduled by them and provides you with information for each item as well as allows removal from its list.

    As such, WinPatrol stands as an indispensable application that every user pursuing ethical activism should include on their must-have list. With numerous options, an intuitive interface, fast response times and no errors or crashes popping up along its journey it makes an excellent addition.

    WinPatrol features and benefits

    Improve the system performance and speed by eliminating spyware, adware, viral infections, unwanted browser add-ons and filtering unwanted cookies whilst monitoring for HOSTS file changes.
    Kill multiple tasks at once by unchecking any that duplicate each other; Unlock programs which keep adding themselves to the Startup List

    Technical details

    • Latest version: 35.5.2017.8
    • File name: wpsetup.exe
    • MD5 checksum: 7A98EDFA64ADC565AF8D6C1A64FB117D
    • File size: 2.49 MB
    • License: Free
    • Supported OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
    • Author: BillP Studios
    Download Link: Spybot Search & Destroy

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