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USB Virus Remover

    USB Virus Remover

    Do you frequently utilize USB drives and want to ensure they’re free from viruses? The USB Virus Remover is the perfect tool for the job – it’s a lightweight autorun application that automatically scans your drives for potentially hazardous files.

    If you use USB drives frequently, virus problems could arise. This is especially common if they come from unknown sources and you don’t trust them. USB Virus Remover Download can help ensure that you remain virus-free even when using your drives; one of the most prevalent viruses is Autorun.

    USB Virus Remover Crack is an automatic scanner for USB drives to detect potentially hazardous files such as viruses and Trojan horses. This makes you safe when using USB drives that may already contain viruses, making it the ideal tool to use when wanting to ensure the storage device you have does not contain any such files.

    Automatic Scan and Removal

    USB Virus Remover Software Download has a straightforward user interface, though some might find the console-like design somewhat complex for those without computer expertise. Even so, this tool offers plenty of great functionalities and can be highly effective when utilized correctly.

    When running this tool, you’ll have to enable automatic scans for the USB drives you insert. It will quickly look at your drive and ensure there are no viruses present on your computer.

    USB Virus Remover is one of many tools that promise to keep your USB storage devices free from malicious threats, eliminating them before your system gets compromised. As its name implies, its effectiveness can be immediately seen.

    Although its console-like interface may not be visually appealing to everyone, its purpose necessitates that it prioritize functionality over aesthetics.

    Your only task is to enter the drive you wish the program to scan. Please be mindful that setting USB Virus Remover to scan a drive where your operating system is installed could render your PC inoperable.

    The main window displays all actions taken by the software, along with information about the target USB device such as its name and unique serial number, drive letter and available storage capacity.

    When asked which executable files from your removable disk and Recycle Bin you would like the application to delete, you are prompted to choose which ones. It is recommended that all files be created or transferred by you before retaining them.


    USB Virus Remover is a console-like application designed to detect and eliminate viruses from your USB drives.

    Technical details

    • Latest version:
    • File name: USB Virus Remover
    • MD5 checksum: AEFFE0DB92A85E62AC4D55D221397DE0
    • File size: 1.88 MB
    • License: Free
    • Supported OS Windows 11 /10 /8 / 7
    • Author: aomeikey

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