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Alcohol 120% 2.1.1 Build 2201

    Alcohol 120% 2.1.1 Build 2201

    Alcohol 120% is an advanced CD and DVD-burning app with a full set of tools and features designed to simplify life.

    Alcohol 120% remains one of the best tools for CD and DVD burning, making it one of the more advanced tools available today.

    It is an emulator with numerous configuration settings to assist with CD burning.

    Interface Full of Features

    Alcohol 120% 2.1.1 Build 422 Crack is an intuitive app, but its many tools might initially appear daunting. Don’t fret too much, though, as they are neatly organized on the left of the main window, where you can select their modes of operation for this program.

    As part of installing this application, you will also be free to decide which components of its deployment you would like.

    If you are an advanced user who understands what they need from this application for their specific use case, selecting your app before downloading it can be helpful. Otherwise, newcomers should leave this decision up to the app itself.

    Create and Burn Discs and Images

    Burning CDs and DVDs has never been simpler with this tool! No need to be an expert at this; its user-friendly interface lets anyone quickly burn DVDs and CDs with no issue!

    On the other hand, this app can act as an emulator to generate virtual images for use in various scenarios.

    Additional functions and features, like disc copying and drive erasing, can help manage discs more effectively and their content.

    Clean feature lineup

    The interface is well organized, with its various features conveniently organized under tabs on the left-hand side of the main window, while discs or virtual drives being worked with are displayed prominently in the middle pane.

    Follow the step-by-step approach for creating and burning images and copying or erasing discs.

    Alcohol 120% provides numerous wizard-style guides that assist beginners and advanced users alike with image creation/burning/disc copying/drive erasure operations.

    The rich suite of configuration settings

    The Settings window in this software utility is considerably larger than one typically seen with similar utilities, suggesting it offers users many customization options and can only be truly utilized by professionals who possess sufficient knowledge to adjust its emulation settings, memory buffer size parameters, virtual drive parameters or data type parameters following best practice.

    An overall powerful CD/DVD burning and emulation app

    Alcohol 120% can greatly assist novice and expert users who want to experiment with virtual drives. It offers support for an extensive set of configuration settings and offers up an unparalleled user experience.


    Alcohol 120% 2.1.1 Build 422 Free Download is one of the most advanced and feature-packed applications available for burning drives and creating virtual images, offering users easy creation and burning capabilities with many additional features included in its arsenal.

    Alcohol 120% features and benefits:

    • Alcohol 120% allows you to easily create up to 31 virtual drives at once with just a click,
    • supporting both Blu-Ray and HD DVD formats (Single and Dual Layers).
    • Furthermore, Alcohol can mount any image file created using other software applications – even those created outside its program environment.

    Technical details

    • Latest version: Alcohol 120% 2.1.1 Build 422
    • File name: Alcohol120_trial_2.1.1.422.exe
    • MD5 checksum: 7DDDEA8FDCDE356FA6364BBFB67FF61B
    • File size: 9.65 MB
    • License: Trial
    • Supported OS Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7
    • Author: Alcohol Soft

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