DAEMON Tools Lite

DAEMON Tools Lite

DAEMON Tools Lite is a free virtual drive emulation program which can mount nearly all image files as virtual drives as well as create ISO, MDF and MDX images of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

Users have the option of compressing images and protecting them with password protection, making your collection of photographs simple to manage thanks to an intuitive manager.

Even though Windows 10 has made significant strides forward since previous iterations, it remains encouraging that there exists software which can make our lives simpler.

Access virtual drives on your PC

How often have you downloaded an iso file or other disk image file to install new games or applications, only to burn it onto an optical disc such as CD/DVD in order to run installation? While this solution works fine for some situations, virtualizing disk drives with Daemon Tools for PC may provide better solutions as it enables virtualized drives without using up physical disc space.

At your PC you will be able to mount and emulate either DT or SCSI virtual drives so as to install games or programs you love. Furthermore, depending on which version is installed you may also create, convert, edit file images, copy disks for deletion, emulate IDE devices, create writeable virtual devices with RAM disk support for RAM disk backup purposes, create bootable USB sticks or protect these USB sticks with password protection – truly it offers plenty of potential solutions.

Ideal for average users, DAEMON Tools Lite offers the essential set of utilities required by any average computer user. Rather than opting for lesser known apps or solutions such as ProTools or WDS, why not go with DAEMON Tools in its most stripped down form: DAEMON Tools? It truly has something special in store.

Standardly, it enables users to emulate up to four DT, SCSI or HDD devices and access various image files such as MDX, MDS and MDF from your optical media; ISO; IMG; CDI files from B5T-B6T BWT NRG VHD TC ISCSI VMDK VDI archives with formats including ISO MDX MDS or APE (source). Furthermore the app features the capability of creating disc image files utilizing various optical media using ISO, MDX MDS APE. Additionally you can create disc image files using various optical media using formats such as ISO MDX MDS or APE which then mount into them all as desired – giving access to them all.

Modern GUI and exceptionally handy taskbar agent

As this may not seem like much at first, but should suffice for everyday users, DAEMON Tools Lite excels in another aspect – user friendliness.

App doesn’t look and feel like any modern app should, thanks to its straightforward graphical user interface (GUI), yet is unobtrusive due to a handy tray agent which enables mounting any supported image format and seamlessly switching between them, along with mounting/unmounting drives from its convenient position in the lower right of your computer screen.

Pick either something lightweight (ie: not full size) or anything in-between the two extremes – something between Light and Full.

DAEMON Tools Lite stands out as an exceptional piece of software and does an admirable job of communicating its full, untapped potential. However, we should address one major drawback of its GUI, specifically that many sections can only be unlocked after trial periods (in other words some features only available during certain time intervals), which might annoy some of you out there.

On the positive side, however, our pricing plans provide you with ample flexibility so you can purchase any individual feature individually.

Still one of the top apps in its category

Since this app has achieved such widespread acclaim over time, its success should make it one of the go-to choices even if its quality were subpar; yet that is far from being the case; even with all potential drawbacks present within, this application works flawlessly and remains one of our favorites today.

Main Features of Daemon Tools Lite

Evidently, not all features listed above are present in the Lite version, however those most essential to getting out of trouble in any given circumstance do exist – specifically:

  • Mount virtual drives with disk images such as VHD or TrueCrypt files to their virtual drives. Support up to four virtual drives (DT or SCSI). Virtualize various types of images e.g. MDX, ISO, B5T/B6T images as well as BIN/CUE audio streams APE/CUE FLAC/CUE NRG etc.
  • Creation of physical disc images such as CD, DVD or Blu-ray in MDS, MDF or MDX formats; organizing catalog of images created; password protecting created disc images

What are the top Daemon Tools available, and which is free?

As soon as you open this software package, it should become apparent that there are different versions designed to cater to various situations; depending on what exactly your requirements are will determine which version suits best. Please keep in mind that only the Lite version offers basic functionalities to mount disk images free of charge while other paid options range between 30-50 euros each.

  • Pro: For professional applications that support up to 32 virtual DT and SCSI drives as well as four IDE devices.
  • Personal Edition Lite: It provides an ad-free alternative to the Lite edition as well as additional features, including lifetime updates and support for up to 256 DT devices and 32 SCSI devices.
  • Ultra is our most complete software in our family and all-inclusive solution with support for up to 256 DT devices, 32 SCSI devices and 4 IDE devices; additionally multiple wizards may run simultaneously.
  • Net: is designed for users that require virtual drives on multiple computers to store and share images across home or business networks.

Now that you understand this information, start downloading Daemon Tools for PC – one of the premier virtualization applications – and mounting virtual drives for all of your programs – meaning no optical discs need to be brought!

What’s new in the latest release?

No announcement regarding the latest version has yet been issued.

However, for creating virtual images you will require special software

DAEMON Tools Lite is one such piece of software which has become one of the most sought-after virtual drive creators, providing virtual images at no cost and supporting various virtual image types.

Easy to setup and use, it works for almost every content type available today.

Smooth and Easy to Use

Before beginning to use this application, first install it. Installation is straightforward and once complete you will see that all the classic virtual emulator tools that enable users to create virtual images are included within this product.

Daemon Tools stands up well when pitted against this tool

Support of Multiple Image File Types Another strength of DAEMON Tools Lite Free Download lies in its wide support for various image file formats; BIN, CIF, NRG, IMG MDF MDS VCD CDI TAO and DAO are among those which it will accept as input data formats.

These are all of the major drive types and you can set multiple images you plan to mount – up to 15. Once that’s complete, simply start mounting them! No matter which drive type it may be.

Create encrypted ISO images to ensure maximum protection of ISO files, or compress them to UIF images for easier storage of these ISOs.

Decompress them, use features like automount and verify to make life simpler, or any of a number of other options that make life more straightforward.

MagicDisc Download is an outstanding software to create virtual disc images on your computer using various file types, while providing encryption features for ISO images as well.

DAEMON Tools Lite Keygen


DAEMON Tools Lite Serial Key


Technical details

  • Latest version: DAEMON Tools Lite
  • File name: setup_magicdisc.exe
  • MD5 checksum: 22EAB34E639CF9596F62CA063486CAEF
  • File size: 1.29 MB
  • License: Free
  • Supported OS Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Author: MagicISO

Download Link: ImgBurn

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