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    Toucan is an advanced backup solution tailored to advanced users. Although small and light on resources, this app packs in more features than expected – not only can it back up sensitive data, but it can secure it through encryption and synchronize any modifications made.

    AES-256 encryption protects files against unauthorized access and manipulation. Users have five sync modes: copy, mirror, equalize, move, and clean. Backup also means compression via Zip, 7-Zip, and GZip formats.

    Toucan also boasts additional capabilities, such as creating backups, file encryption, etc.

    Sync Your Files

    First and foremost, Toucan Crack is a fully portable application, meaning you won’t have to install it on your computer. You can take the app wherever life takes you – place it on a USB drive or portable drive and get going immediately!

    Toucan Download’s standout feature is its quick and effortless sync capabilities. You have complete control over which locations to synchronize and what types of transfers to conduct.

    You can copy, mirror, equalize, move, or clean files. Furthermore, you can verify file properties, ignore read-only documents, retain timestamps and other attributes, and more with these tools.

    Backup and Encrypt Files

    This is great if you want more security with your documents. You can specify what type of file needs a backup.

    When creating backup jobs, you can specify the type (complete, update, differential, mirror, and restore), format (ZIP, 7Z, or GZIP), compression level, set a password for security purposes, and verify the archive after creation. Furthermore, the solid mode can also be enabled for added protection.

    Encrypting and decrypting files from a job are easy to accomplish. Furthermore, Toucan allows for creating lists with variable directories, the creation, and execution of scripts, the ability to remember entered information for sync, backup, and secure jobs, selecting another UI language and tab style, and customizing font sizes.

    Toucan Crack requires minimal system resources, using barely noticeable amounts of CPU and RAM. It has an impressive response time, carrying out tasks quickly without error. Our testing revealed no hangs or crashes during use. With its intuitive layout, user-friendly features, and advanced options, Toucan should appeal to many users.


    Toucan Free Download is an ideal app for synchronizing and encrypting your files and creating backups of those same files.

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    Technical details

    • Latest version: Toucan
    • File name: Toucan_3.1.8.2.paf.exe
    • MD5 checksum: DE8F8D6CF48AF4AA25F149D4F4449EF4
    • File size: 6.05 MB
    • License: Free
    • Supported OS Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7
    • Author: Steve Lamerton

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