Regards Viewer 2.75.5

Regards Viewer 2.75.5

Regards Viewer is an application that allows you to manage your library of images, create slideshows of your images, enhance them, and organize them so that you’re able to see them easily.

Do you have a large library of images that you want to organize and see in a slideshow? Then you can use Regards Viewer 2.75.5 Crack which is an application that helps you keep your images organized and see them in slideshows.

This app can also help you enhance the images to get the most out of them. It’s free to use application.

Organize and Enhance Your Images

Owning a large library of images can be challenging. If you’re someone who likes to take photos wherever you go and want to keep these images as memories, you want to keep them as organized as possible to see them in the future. But that demands you to have good software to keep them organized, too.

With Regards Viewer 2.75.5 Crack Download 2023 you’ll be able to organize your images into folders and categories so that you’re able to find them easily when you need them. You can do that via filters, which will offer you an easy and painless way of finding images you’re looking for quickly.

Another great capability of this tool is the ability to offer you some editing and enhancement tools. Yes, these are somewhat basic and crude, although it’s always nice to enhance the images you have before showing them off to your friends, family, or colleagues.

You can also view EXIF data about the image and other additional information, such as dates, location data, and metadata.

Supports Many Formats

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using Regards Viewer 2.75.5 is the ability to see and open a wide variety of image formats. If you have images in different formats, it will probably provide you with a chance to see these images.

It supports all of the most popular formats, including JPG, GIF, PNG, TGA, BMP, TIFF, JPEG2000, and SVG. Additionally, you’ll even be able to see some video formats, such as MPEG4, AVI, Quicktime, and AVCHD.

Exporting files in these formats is also possible. That helps you edit these images and convert them into other formats – those you find helpful to your situation. You can export BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TGA, PDF, and several other popular formats. There’s a great deal of versatility when you use this app.

What is more, there’s a customizable interface that allows you to tailor the experience to your needs. Even though the interface is a bit dated, you’ll be able to see and resize the app’s modules, allowing you to customize the experience to your needs.


Regards Viewer 2.75.5 Free Download is an application that can help you organize and view your images in slideshows and also do some minor editing and enhancement corrections.

It’s beginner-friendly and has a customizable interface while also supporting a wide variety of formats.

Technical details

  • Latest version: Regards Viewer 2.75.5
  • File name: RegardsViewer2Setup.exe
  • MD5 checksum: 5BFC90380768ED9730F8461C38BBE2F7
  • File size: 350.09 MB
  • License: Free
  • Supported OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
  • Author: Figuinha Jacques

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