Xpadder 5.7 / 5.3

Xpadder 5.7 / 5.3

Xpadder is an application for gamers who want to use the controller in games that have no support for controllers by emulating the mouse and the keyboard, making it possible for them to play their favorite games with controllers.

Sometimes, games are built solely for the mouse and keyboard. That means that they don’t support a controller input. That’s a bummer for all of those who love to play their games with controllers.

To help you solve this problem, you can get Xpadder 5.7 / 5.3 Crack 2023 and start playing your favorite games right controller, which was not possible before. This could be because the game is designed to be played with the mouse and keyboard, or perhaps you have a controller that’s simply not supported by the game.

Easy to Use and Lightweight

The great thing about this tool is that it’s incredibly easy to use – as it should be. You don’t even need to install it, which is helpful if you want to get started right away. When you start it up, you’ll be met by a prompt that needs you to select the folder you want to use for saving your profiles that you create for using the controller. Also, you’ll need to select a place for shortcuts to use with this tool.

Another great feature of this tool is the versatility. Because it’s versatile, it’s able to read a wide variety of controllers out there in the market. That makes it possible for you to experience your favorite games with your preferred type of controller, even if the game is not necessarily made for your controller in the first place.

Configure and Save Your Custom Configurations

When you want to get started with this tool, you’ll be able to configure the key mappings for the keyboard or the controller. The app will automatically detect the controller you have. From there, the configuration if free for you to use.

You can create different profiles that you can then use when you plug in your controllers. You can create different profiles for each controller you have, which gives you full control over the configurations of each of your profile. If you plan on playing with different controllers and if you want to play several games, the choice is free for you here.

You can set up your profile in several ways. You can even upload an image for the profile, select the controller model, and even choose from the templates you have at your disposal when you open the app. You can configure additional buttons you might have at the back of the controller, and simply follow the steps – it’s very easy to set up a profile and then use it the next time.


Xpadder 5.7 / 5.3 Free Download is a great tool that allows you to play your favorite games with your favorite controllers by helping you set up profiles that you can use when you play games and you want to use different controllers.

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Technical details

  • Latest version: Xpadder 5.7 / 5.3
  • File name: Xpadder 5.7.7z
  • MD5 checksum: 07E00C816EF249BF400018B4E0E8B3C1
  • File size: 1.05 MB
  • License: Free
  • Supported OS Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
  • Author: Xpadder

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