iVCam 7.0.4

iVCam 7.0.4

If you’re the owner of an older webcam model, then you know the struggle of having inferior webcam picture quality. You might be tempted to buy a new one, but there’s a solution just for people like you. It’s called iVCam.

Essentially, it’s an app that will connect your iPhone’s or iPad’s camera, and it will enable you to use it as a webcam. It is great because Apple devices are known for having great cameras, so you can easily take advantage of their camera and start using the photo quality on a higher level.

Start with iVCam Installation

Before you start using the webcam, though, you will need to install the application. Head onto the App Store and search for iVCam 7.0.4 Crack. The installation is quick and painless, and you only need to make sure that both are on the same wireless network.

The connection should be established automatically.

Now you should be able to see your webcam through your iPhone or iPad, and there are also some very basic but useful controls for the camera that make the app even more beneficial.

Record Videos and Take Photos

These basic options that iVCam 7.0.4 Crack Download 2023 talking about are taking videos and photos through your phone. With the buttons in the right-hand corner, you should be able to access these functions quickly. You can change the video orientation, framerate, size, and video and audio quality.

From there, the videos you take will be saved to your Videos folder.

You can then access that footage at any time and see it on the go from your phone.


Turn your iPhone into a webcam with this simple and intuitive app that lets you configure some basic settings of your phone’s camera.

Use your iPhone or iPad’s camera as a webcam and make sure you take advantage of the powerful cameras these devices have installed if you want a high-quality picture on your webcam.

Technical details

  • Latest version: iVCam 7.0.4
  • File name: iVCam_x86_v7.0.4.exe
  • MD5 checksum: 7AC1CA88350D993BC7BD1F253C8A19EB
  • File size: 39.65 MB
  • License: Free
  • Supported OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
  • Author: e2eSoft

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