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NETGEAR Genie 2.4.62

    NETGEAR Genie 2.4.62

    NETGEAR Genie 2.4.62 Keygen Free Download 2023

    NetGEAR Genie is a software utility designed to assist NETGEAR router owners in managing and configuring their Wi-Fi parameters and taking care of other related performance issues related to home network performance. All NetGear routers come equipped with an integrated firewall, protecting your network from malicious attacks. Furthermore, each router must be updated when new firmware becomes available.

    When managing a wireless and wired network, one of your primary concerns should be its health. Keep an eye on which websites users in your network access as some may contain harmful elements; if you have children in the household, this becomes even more critical.

    You can solve those problems with NETGEAR Genie Crack. This application acts as a network manager, helping you determine which websites are allowed on your network and set restrictions accordingly. Furthermore, it has some settings for your router which will let you get more out of your gear.

    Manage Your Network

    The primary function of this utility is to give you complete control over your network. With it, you can configure both wired and wireless networks, set passwords for security reasons, and restrict which websites can run on your system. With it, managing your network becomes much simpler!

    Ultimately, this will give you more control over your network and enable it to remain secure. It provides an analysis of download and upload speeds which gives a useful insight into where most traffic is flowing through it. Furthermore, you’ll have access to a list of all devices connected to your computer along with detailed information about them.

    Working Fast

    Another impressive feature of NETGEAR Genie Crack Download 2023 is its performance. While the application isn’t too demanding on your system, you’ll be delighted to know that even if you don’t have the latest equipment, it works smoothly and quickly.


    Config and manage your network with NETGEAR Genie Crack Free Download to gain more control over both its resources and traffic.

    Features and Benefits of the NETGEAR Genie:

    • Run speed tests for your network infrastructure.
    • Create a guest network for friends or neighbours.
    • Switch your network SSID (name) or password with ease
    • Manage Live Parental Controls for Kids
    • Visualize a graphic map of all your network connected devices.

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    Technical details

    • Latest version: NETGEAR Genie 2.4.62
    • File name: NETGEARGenie-install.exe
    • MD5 checksum: 5C9E3878D9E42251776FA1996BF47DC4
    • File size: 45.02 MB
    • License: Free
    • Supported OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
    • Author: NETGEAR Inc

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