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MP3 Diags 1.2.03

    MP3 Diags is a utility that will help you fix your MP3 files and add missing information, fix broken files, alter metadata so that it matches the files, and much more. If you have a large collection of MP3 files, you know the struggle to handle all of the files manually. Sometimes, you simply get corrupt files, or some information is missing from the files, causing them not to work properly. And this can be frustrating because those files might… Read More »MP3 Diags 1.2.03

    Sonic Visualiser 4.4

      Audio analysis is made easy with Sonic Visualiser. It is a tool that will help you make sure you view and edit all of the audio files you have. You’ll be able to view them in the waveform format so that you can easily analyze every part of the song or audio file, compare signals with other files, and create annotations to have notes ready when you review these files. Supports a Variety of Formats Sonic Visualiser 4.4 Crack is… Read More »Sonic Visualiser 4.4

      Effectrix 1.4.4

        Effectrix 1.4.4 Crack is a multi-effect sequencer. It is meant for professionals who make contemporary music. It works by painting a brick on your sequencer and letting you scratch, loop, reverse, and stretch all in real-time. Let’s take a look at the different features and what you might use them for: Scratch Every DJ needs to be able to add their own creativity. That is certainly possible when you can scratch at will. You can change up the beat of… Read More »Effectrix 1.4.4

        Guitar Rig 5.1.0 R2641

          Are you a guitar player? Then you will love Guitar Rig – it is an application that offers you a vast array of studio options, such as amps, cabs, and mics, which lets you create your favorite guitar sound. It is a software application for PCs where you can use the extensive library of studio effects for your guitar to create your preferred guitar sound. You will be able to choose from a huge selection of amps, cabs, and mics, which… Read More »Guitar Rig 5.1.0 R2641

          DeskScapes 10.03

            Do you like customized wallpapers that can be built on your pictures and image? DeskScapes allows you to use your images and pictures to create desktop wallpapers, which can even have animations. You can use this application for the creation of your customized set of wallpaper. There is a range of 40 different effects that you can incorporate into your images to convert them into wallpapers. Some of the impacts provided by this utility include changing the color of the application, adding texture,… Read More »DeskScapes 10.03

            iConStruct 1.2.0

              iConStruct is one of the smartest tool for creating your favorite icons from large size images, photographs, and other file formats containing pictures. It works without compromising on the image quality or the resolution. The downsizing happens according to a specific logic and algorithm, which is pre-written by the program creators. iConStruct 1.2.0 Crack is designed to work at the best levels when the images are on the white background. But you can also work with images when they have… Read More »iConStruct 1.2.0

              Dell Display Manager 1.40.0 Build 1943

                shoppingmode Dell Display Manager 1.40.0 Build 1943 provides a comprehensive solution to all the shoppingmode Dell users. With this application, you can manage your display with ease. Changing the inputs from one form to the other is easily possible without having to adjust the settings every time. Adding the shortcut key for each of the actions can also make the overall management more comfortable and less time-consuming. Moreover, the provision of a multitasking facility is another feature provided by this application. With this feature, you… Read More »Dell Display Manager 1.40.0 Build 1943


                  You can use this utility to add advanced features to your Windows Clipboard application. With Ditto, you can expect to retrieve all of your copied information at a later time. Moreover, all the file formats can be supported, including text, images, and other custom formats. Amongst some of the prominent features of Ditto Crack is the easy-to-use interface. You don’t have to edit any configuration settings for managing the application. You can easily search the previously copied entries and… Read More »Ditto

                  CIDR Calculator

                    If you are looking for the management of IP address to save your device from the duplication of IP address or managing DHCP and DNS, then you can see this application work efficiently. CIDR Calculator Crack saves your time in finding if your IP address has a conflict with another time. The use of this particular application results in massive time-saving. Additionally, the uptime of your network can also be increased because of it. You can also generate results… Read More »CIDR Calculator

                    Kanto Player

                      Kanto Player is a lightweight tool that has been designed for beginners and experts alike. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes the entire application process and its various features easy to understand and thus easy to use. If you are looking to create a Karaoke playlist on your computer, then using this tool will solve your problem. You can create multiple playlists and name each playlist accordingly. Moreover, each playlist can have different songs of your choice. All this process… Read More »Kanto Player

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