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GiMeSpace 2.5.3

    Do you often run out of space on your desktop? Then you can simply widen your desktop by using the GiMeSpace Desktop Extender application that will enable you to have more space by widening your desktop. If you’re one of the people who have a lot of shortcuts and files on the desktop, then you never seem to have enough space on the desktop. It doesn’t matter how large of a monitor you have, there’s always a problem of having too many… Read More »GiMeSpace 2.5.3

    Synthesia 10.6

      If piano your favorite instrument, then you might want to learn it. If this is so, then using Synthesia can be the right way to start your learning. It allows you to follow your speed before moving on to the next note. It does not play the next melody unless you are done with the previous one. It can help you in learning at your own pace. Additionally, you can enable music notation for any of the songs that you have chosen… Read More »Synthesia 10.6

      The GodFather 0.89

        The GodFather is a free specialized audio file management application meant to help users sort music files into different categories using tags. With this software, it will be much easier for users to locate files on their hard disk in very little time. Manage And Sort Your Audio Files The GodFather 0.89 Crack was thought to help organize and restructure files on the hard disk by offering the option to create different playlists, import and export music files, and use online resources. Once… Read More »The GodFather 0.89

        Express Scribe 11.00

          Express Scribe is a transcription software meant for everyone who wants to convert audio and speech to text. If you’re a typist or a writer, you know the importance of writing as quickly as possible. Sometimes you wish it would be possible to write faster by transforming audio into text. And with the right software, it is possible to do that – that is where Express Scribe 11.00 Crack can come useful to you. Transcripts Audio Recordings Writing and transcribing are… Read More »Express Scribe 11.00

          Pianoteq 7.5.4

            Pianoteq is a virtual instrument that can be used either by itself as a separate application or as a plug-in VST for various music software suites. It can also be in AudioUnits or AAX formats. Differences Pianoteq is different than other virtual instruments. The main reason for this is that it uses instruments that have physical modeling. This means that you are to have a more accurate simulation of instruments’ complex and rich behavior. Instead of samples, the file sizes are… Read More »Pianoteq 7.5.4


              If you want to change the way your loudspeaker works, you’ll need a dedicated tool to do it. With WinISD you’ll be able to make your loudspeaker enclosures and also improved existing ones. You can create any speakers – from sound cabinets to larger woofer boxes. You have a ton of choices with the app, although it’s worth mentioning that it’s appropriate for more advanced users. Modify and configure your loudspeaker enclosure with this tool’s help, which is a tool for… Read More »WinISD

              Bosca Ceoil 2.0

                Are you passionate about making digital music? You can then use Bosca Ceoil an audio creation, and manipulation tool that will help you create loops, unique audio samples, and even full tracks. Creating digital music is not as easy as it might seem. Sure, many people tend to ignore the difficulties that come with creating this type of music. But in reality, it requires a lot of skill and learning before you’re able to get the hang of the basic tools,… Read More »Bosca Ceoil 2.0


                  VoiceMeeter Crack is a helpful and fun application that helps you mix audio feeds that go through your computer and compile them into an entity you can use in VoIP applications. Audio mixing can be fun, especially when you use it to have some fun with your friends online. But sometimes, people use audio mixing for their work, as they’re responsible for coming up with highly developed passages or mixtures of audio feeds. To do that, they will need… Read More »VoiceMeeter

                  Sound Booster 1.11 Build 514

                    Amplify the sound of your system by amping the volume to higher levels than you can use with Sound Booster which comes equipped with powerful tools that you can easily deploy with hotkeys. If you like listening to music aloud but don’t have the right audio setup, it might be a problem, especially if you feel like the sound you’re getting is not loud enough. Luckily, there are a few solutions that you can try, including Sound Booster Windows 10. It acts… Read More »Sound Booster 1.11 Build 514

                    Bfxr 1.5.1

                      Movies and video games are highly reliant on great sound effects to enhance the experience today. Bfxr allows you to generate SFX easily across a variety of contexts. You can use the sound from instruments, voice, or other applications. It brings these capabilities together in an easy-to-use way. Portability Some software that generates sound effects requires a lengthy setup process with multiple steps. However, this application truly has an advantage in that you can get it up and running by… Read More »Bfxr 1.5.1

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