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FreeFileSync 11.28

    FreeFileSync 11.28

    FreeFileSync is a tool that helps users synchronize files and folders while running backup tasks, saving time and providing high-quality work. An additional observation is a safety offered in every process that guarantees no bugs are to interfere during any activity.

    Firstly, one of the most important aspects of working with this software is that it offers you guidance in a very accessible format. Specific buttons support each step.

    To compare two folders, you have the Compare function, which tells you the exact differences between their content, size, or date.

    Secondly, synchronization can be done automatically or manually, depending on your preferences. You can update both folders, move them to one another, and create a mirror backup. Overwritten files can easily be controlled, avoiding any case of information loss.

    FreeFileSync 11.28 Crack is an efficient tool designed to increase user’s performance and flexibility while covering file management responsibilities. Whether you need to synchronize files and folders from a USB to the computer or control accidentally overwritten, modified, or even deleted information, this program is a practical solution for inexperienced users and professionals.

    This program disposes of a complex range of features, such as FTP capabilities and symbolic link handling for expert users.

    FreeFileSync features and benefits:

    • Detect moved and renamed files and folders
    • Copy locked files
    • Detect conflicts and propagate deletions
    • Binary file comparison
    • Configure handling of Symbolic Links
    • Automate sync as a batch job
    • Process multiple folder pairs
    • Comprehensive and detailed error reporting
    • Copy NTFS extended attributes and NTFS security permissions
    • Expand environment variables like %USERPROFILE%
    • Access variable drive letters by volume name (USB sticks)
    • Native 64-bit support
    • Keep versions of deleted/updated files
    • Prevent disc space bottlenecks via optimal sync sequence
    • Full Unicode support
    • Include/exclude files via filter
    • Use macros %time%, %date%, et al. for recurring backups
    • Case-sensitive synchronization

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    Technical details

    • Latest version: FreeFileSync 11.28
    • File name: FreeFileSync_11.28_Windows_Setup.exe
    • MD5 checksum: BBB0C920A8A70CB1042A3804DDA249F4
    • File size: 18.77 MB
    • License: Free
    • Supported OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
    • Author: ZenJu

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