SyMenu 7.03.8322

SyMenu 7.03.8322

Do you love using portable apps? It is a good habit. More and more complex applications get portable counterparts so that you can have hundreds of these little programs lying around your entire hard disk.

Keeping them all in one place is difficult, and you probably lose time every time you search for one. The problem is that they do not appear in the Start menu as installed applications do.

SyMenu is a menu that keeps track of all your portable applications. The program can keep track of anything from portable applications and documents to URLs and Windows commands. Launching a program is as easy as expanding the menu and clicking the app.

The menu is not that different from the default Start menu in Windows. To add an item to the menu, you must drag and drop it onto the menu. The application icon sits in the system tray and clicking it expands the menu. Things like Recent Items and Options are present as well.

You can change the icons of your portable apps and documents. You can customize the program to run at Window startup and apply various skins.

It checks for updates periodically and supports keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures. The program supports absolute paths to add a program or any file using its absolute path. You can also run items as an administrator, open folders, show various files’ properties, and configure specific items.

SyMenu 7.03.8322 Crack is 100% portable, so it can be used in any IT environment without requesting support from the IT department. You can take it with you on a thumb drive and use it on any Windows machine.

You may be surprised that the program works flawlessly with few CPU and RAM resources. The menu is very responsive, opens instantly, and provides access to your items in no time.

Applications are launched after you click their shortcuts in the menu. Because the SyMenu 7.03.8322 Crack Download 2023 doesn’t need to be installed, its footprint is minimal – no changes are made to the system folder or Windows Registry.

We found this application useful when organizing our portable apps, documents, URLs, and other files. We could customize the menu’s appearance and enable or disable specific built-in elements.

SyMenu 7.03.8322 Free Download comes with over 1000 portable apps that you can use for free immediately. It is one great application! In our tests, the menu did not hang or crash and did its job with excellence. We could even export items and import them on another computer in just a few simple steps.

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Technical details

  • Latest version: SyMenu 7.03.8322
  • File name:
  • MD5 checksum: A5C07F70CDC090878A5F778827E59D8D
  • File size: 4.49 MB
  • License: Free
  • Supported OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
  • Author: Gianluca Negrelli

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