Synkron 1.6.2

Synkron 1.6.2

Synkron 1.6.2 is an intuitive solution for syncing files and folders on nearly any removable drive you own, offering simple control with filters and other customization features.

Synchronizing files and folders is essential if you want all your removable devices to contain up-to-date versions of all files.

Many users now turn to syncing tools that instantly sync files.

Synkron 1.6.2 Crack can help. It will enable you to sync files and folders on nearly any removable drive you own.

Synchronizing multiple files and folders simultaneously with this app is ideal, saving both time and energy when performing this task.

There are also other settings you can make use of if needed.

Syncing Made Easy

Its aim to simplify your job, even if you have little experience dealing with such tasks. With it, you can sync files and folders quickly and efficiently, detect collisions, perform sync operations, and more.

Synkron 1.6.2 Free Download is compatible with almost every removable drive, such as hard drives or USB flash drives.

This app also contains more advanced tools; for instance, blacklisting files to exclude certain from backup creation is one such function.

Filters make it easier to identify which files or folders haven’t yet been synced and which remain essential.

Flexible Syncing Features

Users can synchronize hidden files and folders, propagate deletions, detect file collisions, and set the program to run silently or have it sync all the files each time their system boots. When differences between folders arise, users can analyze what changes have taken place before initiating any sync processes.

Synkron’s primary features are remarkable, with each setting easily understood from the outset and multiple advanced options readily available if users require additional freedom in managing supervised files.

Blacklisting files, folders, and extensions is another way of protecting data by exempting them from being backed up despite being in an important folder. In this way, they become exceptions in the app so they do not interfere with syncing process.

Simple Design

Synkron’s design makes it simple for almost anyone to access its features and take whatever desired actions.

At the core of it all lies syncing, an easy feature you’ll quickly recognize as you navigate.


Synkron Download makes syncing all your files and folders simple.

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Technical details

  • Latest version: Synkron 1.6.2
  • File name: Synkron-1.6.2-win32.exe
  • MD5 checksum: CA6CD205A407D2BA21E3C664F8B16A97
  • File size: 5.32 MB
  • License: Free
  • Supported OS Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7
  • Author: Matus Tomlein

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